A full railroad experience!

From a modeller to modellers...

Railroads and railroad modelling have always been special to me.
Browse this website and discover my creations, I guess they will help you to start or to emprove even more your passion!

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Sorry, some sections of this website are not yet available, but I hope you'll enjoy browsing anyway and come visit again soon!
last update: 01/03/24
Added new models in the "Scale Models" section

Discover my productS:

framed RAILROAD layouts
layouts and dioramas

Presenting my original

Framed Railroad Layouts in Z scale
on YOUR living room's wall AND LET's PLAY!

About FRAMED Railroad LAYOUTS...

AN original Idea!

The first ever Framed Railroad Layout, named "SCHWINDELTAL", was presented at the Bergisch Gladbach (DE) Z-meeting in April 2017, to celebrate the 25th year of Stammtisch Untereschbach.
Since then, my FRLs have been present in many important national and international expositions.

Made for your home

FRLs are great non only for playing with trains, but they are wonderful furnishing elements too!
You could never have imagined a full working miniature railroad could be placed even in the smallest home, simply hanging it on the wall!
FRLs are amusing and they will surprise anyone with their reduced depth, high details, lighting effects and your best trains running or on show!

Each piece is unique

Like real paintings, FRLs are completely hand-made with an high-detailed artisanal work. They all are different each other.
You can ask for already-made ones, or get your own customized one. In this case I can offer a variety of scenarios and details to add, helping you providing sketches for you to see the final result in advance.

Z gauge Mini-club is perfect

Since 1980 I've been playing with Z gauge model railroading, building my own dioramas and layouts.
FRLs are the perfect application for such tiny train system.
FRLs' total depth is so reduced that the observer is literally surprized, looking at trains moving in such a thin landscape, literally filled with fine details and eye catching features.

Computer control

FRLs have a hidden heart inside: a state-of-the-art microcomputer controlling the entire system, from trains movement, to lights effect, to other accessories like light signals, "Plexiglas rooms" (see my Accessories section) and so on. Plus, each FRLs comes with a Bluetooth interface and a customized app for your Android smartphone/tablet.
So, let's run your railroad from a distance, setting parameters, sending commands and receiving the system status in real time for a complete control at your fingertips!


Enjoy FRLs to show your best models, both running or simply giving them a particular static display.
Use FRLs to take pictures or videos to your models, for example, playing with different day/night effects.
On customized FRLs, you can ask for extra details or particular features, like extra tracks for static display of your special trains.
FRLs are ideal as a dynamic or static models' showcase, meanwhile highlighting a particular spot of your home in an really unique way.