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Small models for a big world!

Special handcrafted scale models, designed, printed, painted and finished with particular attention to every single detail, really amazing due to their similarity to the real vehicles!
Please scroll down this page to discover a sample of my models, with technical information to better know why are they so particular.

A Toyota FJ Cruiser and a Jeep Wrangler models wandering around Temple Mountain - Utah - Z Scale 1/220

Special models for any showcase

Models realized without any compromise... They are perfect for dioramas and for model railroaders' layouts as well as for model cars collectors.

A VW ID.BUZZ Pro and a VW T1 Samba models reflecting themselves in the brand new ID.BUZZ' dashboard - Z Scale 1/220

Let's play hide-and-seek?

Any model requires a deep research for historical and technical details of the original vehicle, then adapted to the specific printing scale.

A VW T1 Samba model - Z Scale 1/220 - plays with a real Samba bus. Can you see it? (Hint: look on the ground...)

From the creation of the detailed 3D subject to a finished model, every step is handmade. This involves a lot of work and, of course, high-quality results cannot be compared to cheaper models.

A 100% artisanal work!

My models are the result of careful craftsmanship that involves a lot of work in different construction phases.

I personally take care of the development of the 3D model, the subsequent printing and roughing, the painting with specific colors and different techniques, the creation and application of decals. I also personally create and install the lighting systems, as well as any needed electronic circuits.

This is why those who choose my models appreciate the high degree of detail, also considering that the small production series, the diversification of the finishes and the careful manual work during all the production phases and without compromises, make every single piece truly unique, numbered and classified.

For this reason, my models are chosen both by the demanding railway modeller, by the model car collector, or even by the enthusiast who wants to have a perfect scale replica of the vehicles parked in his garage!

Some sample from my production

The beloved FIAT Nuova 500 from 1970 is an icon of its era and looks wonderful on any model display. Despite it's only 11,8mm long, it can be equipped with 2 front and 2 rear light, like most of MrZtraX' vehicles.

Directly from the "The Dukes of Hazzard", General Lee (1969 Dodge Charger RT) and the three Dukes are reproduced in scale for all the enthusiasts of this classic '80s TV series.

The Oldsmobile 442 is a muscle car produced between 1964 and 1987. My model is from 1970 (Second generation) and includes visible internal seats and figures.

The funny Touristic Train is a classic in our towns and now comes in standard color schemes, as well as in customized versions, even with LED lighting and figures aboard.

The Z scale reproduction of "The Armchair Mini" from the Mr.Bean TV  series is really high detailed, including the original registration plates. Here the model has working lights for an even more added realism.

The F-100 model is a reproduction of the "second generation" of the Ford F-Series from the 1953-1956 model years. This model includes internal shaded figures for driver and passenger.

The Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale is a sport car produced in the period 1967-1969 and it's considered one of the most beautiful car of all times. I couldn't miss to reproduce it in Z scale, even with LED lights.

No word is needed when talking about the VW T1 Samba, truly a classic in car modelling. My Z scale Samba has a lot of details to discover and so many variations are possible to customize it.

The 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air is another iconic car from the past.
This is a convertible model, of course with all the tiny datails you are looking for!

A special all-terrain T1 was built in 1962 and today only one prototype is still running. 
My special tribute to this engineering masterpiece is a Z scale reproduction, 100% faithful to the original.

The 1968 Cadillac Eldorado was a truly luxury car and its dimensions are important even when reduced by 1:220. My model has clearly visibile interiors, due to the big glass surfaces.

The Mini (1959-2000) was sold by different brands all over the world. That's why this model is so versatile on any layout/diorama or collection. One of my most appreciated model is this one, with the Union Jack on its roof.

The Jeep Wrangler is a versatile vehicle even as a scale model. It can be placed anywhere on your layout and offers an infinite customization. Here a very particular model, in camo colors with LED lights.

The ID.BUZZ is my first full electric vehicle...
To complete the complex 3D model, I developed many high resolution decals reproducing many fine details. Even all the original wheels are available to match the real vehicle as much as possible.

From the Batman 1966 TV show, the Dynamic Duo, now in Z scale, has to face the most dangerous enemies: Joker, Penguin and Riddler. This is a exclusive special set only for real Bat-fans!

The Piaggio Ape is a worldwide icon known as a versatile, cheap three-wheeled light commercial vehicle. My version is the model "600" manifactured in the period 1970-78 that can be completed with different loads. Despite the tiny dimension, the small driver is visible through the windows...

The Alfa Romeo Giulia Super is a famous car produced in the period 1962-77 but this model is specific of the period 1962-74 and offered high performances and was adopted by the Italian government and police services.
My version can be equipped with 2+2+1 or 4+2+1 LED lights system.

The cargo versions of the VW T1 are so many!
My production offers different colors schemes and advertisement logos and banners.

To celebrate the 50° jubelee of the Märklin mini-club and Z scale, in 2022 I decided to realize a very special model, based on a really existed prototype of a VW T1 used to bring and show a Märklin railroad layout.
This collectors' model comes in two colors (The very special blue version is no more available) and with/without LED lighting.

The name Giulia GTA from Alfa Romeo.Autodelta is well known amongst the sporting cars' enthusiasths of the 60s and the 70s.
This model is a 1972 "Quadrifoglio Verde", here with special yellow headlights.

The T360 is the Honda's first automobile production, dating back to 1963. The model of this little flatbed pickup has tiny details and is a real classic when placed on any Japanese layout!

The Honda Z360 was produced in the period 1970-74 and was well known as "Scuba mask", due to the particular rear hatch with a black plastic surround. Here is a bunch of Z360, in typical colour of that era.

Another interesting Japanese microcar was the Honda City, and here is the Turbo II version, aka "Bulldog", produced from 1984 to 1986 and performed 0-100km/h in only 8.6 seconds.

The Honda Civic III was produced from 1983 to 1987. My preferred version was the hatchback and it's a real classic not only on Japanese but also on other countries' layout. (good observer already noted this is a Jap version, due to the right-sided steering wheel).

The Honda CR-X or CRX or Civic CRX, first generation, was produced in the period 1983-1987 and was very popular in many countries.

The Toyota Crown is a luxury car sedan produced in six generations from 1991 to 2020. This is from the 3rd generation (S170) and dates back to the period 1999-2004.

A particular version of the previous Toyota Crown is the S175 version (1999-2003), here in a customized  livery of the Tokyo's Municipal Police.

The Mercedes-Benz 300SEL was a special luxury car, produced from 1962 to 1975, coded as W109. It was the admiral of the Stuttgart brand and was even equipped with V8 6.3lt engine.

The model 356 was the first car produced by the Porsche company. Here is the 356C version, the last of the series, dating back to 1964-65, a real classic!

As a special tribute to the VW Typ2 T2 (1967-79), here it is a Combo of a Polizei Bus and a Cargo. Not available separately, these vehicles are a great option to keep your layout under control!

One of the most popular cars all over the world is the VW Typ1, here in the version 1/113 (ca.1965). There is nothing more to say about it, just enjoy the many details of my exclusive tiny model.

List of SO FAR Produced models

- Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA [1972] (1)
- Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale [1967-69] (1+4)
- Alfa Romeo Giulia Super [1962-74] (1+1a)
- Audi Q7 [2006-14] (1+2+3)
- Batmobile [1966] (2)
- BMW 335 E92 [2005-11] (1+2+3)
- BMW S1 E81 [2007-12] (1+2+3)
- BMW X6 E71 [2014-19] (1+2+3)
- Cadillac Fleetwood Eldorado VIII [1968]
- Chevrolet Bel Air Conv. [1957] (1)
- De Tomaso Pantera [1971]
- Dodge Charger RT [1969] "General Lee" (1+2)
- Fiat 500 [2007] (1+3)
- Fiat Nuova 500F/L [1965-71] (1+3)
- Ford F-100 [1956] (1+2+3)
- Ford Econoline 150 [1988] (1+2+3)
- Honda City Turbo II [1984-86] (1+2+3)
- Honda Civic III [1983-87] (1+2+3)
- Honda CRX [1983-87] (1+2+3)
- Honda S-MX [1996-2002] (1+2+3)
- Honda T360 [1963-67] (1+3)
- Honda Z360 [1970-74] (1+2+3)
- Hummer H3 [2005-10] (1)
- Jeep Wrangler IV [2017-] (1+2+3)
- Lancia Delta HF Integrale [1988-93] (1+2+3)
- Lancia Stratos HF [1973-75] (1)
- Lancia Stratos HF Alitalia [1977] (5)
- Land Rover Defender 110 [1983-90] (1)
- Maserati Granturismo [2007-20] (1)
- Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL W109 [1962-75] (1+2+3)
- Mercedes-Benz Sprinter W906 [2006-14] (1+2+3)
- Mini [1959-2000] (1+2+3)
- Mini 1000 "Mr.Bean" special [1977] (1)
- Mitsubishi Fuso [2009] (1+2+3)
- Oldsmobile 442 [1970] (1+2+3)
- Opel Kadett C GTE [1975] (1)
- Peugeot 403 Cabrio "Lt.Colombo" [1956-61] (1)
- Piaggio Ape 600 [1970-78] (3)
- Porsche 356C [1964-65] (1+2+3)
- Toyota Corolla 2000 [1963-65] (1+2+3)
Toyota Crown 3rd generation S170 [1999-2004] (1+2+3)
- Toyota Crown Police S175 [1999-2003] (1+2+3)
- Toyota FJ Cruiser [2006-22] (1+2+3)
- VW Typ1 "Käfer"/"Beetle" [1938] (1)
- VW Typ1 1/113 "Käfer"/"Beetle" [ca.1965] (1+2+3)
- VW Baja Bug [1968-]
- VW Typ2 T1 [1949-67]:

   Cargo (1+3)
   Bus (1+3)
   Half Track Fox (1+3)
   Special Märklin railroad van/50° mini-club
- VW Typ2 T2 [1967-79]:
   Cargo (1+2+3)
   Bus (1+2+3)
   Cargo Polizei (1+2+3)
   Bus Polizei (1+2+3)
   Camper Westfalia whole roof close (1+2+3)
   Camper Westfalia whole roof pop-up (2)
   Camper small roof close (1+2+3)
   Camper small roof pop-up (2)
   Dropside flat van (1+2+3)
   Dropside flat van - one side open (1+2)
   Wooden dropside flat van (1+2)
   Aerial platform (2)
   Special Combo 2xCargo Puppenkönig (1+2+3)
   Special Cargo + Duck (1+2+3)
- VW Typ2 T3 [1979-2002]:
   Cargo (1+2+3)
   Bus (1+2+3)
   Camper (1+2+3)
- VW Golf I GTI [1974-83] (1)
- VW ID.BUZZ [2022-] (1+2+3)
- VW New Beetle [1997-2012] (1+2+3)